• Integral replaceable polyurethane cartridge that is mechanically retained within a two-piece body
  • Bi-directional sealing
  • No groove or cavity in the bore of the valve where slurry can collect
  • Full bore unrestricted flow
  • Fully moulded and reinforced body seal. The rigidity of the seal prevents creep of the seal when the valve is opened or closed, reducing the torque to open and close the valve.
  • Precision machining of the stuffing box cavity that reduces the force required to seal the valve which reduces the opening and closing torques
  • PTFE scrapers across the width of the blade
  • 16 bar pressure rating for valves from DN50 to DN 200 and 10 bar for valves from DN 250 to DN 400 and 8 bar for valves from DN 450 to DN 600
  • Self cleaning flushout corners that prevents deposit build up in the sealing area
  • The spindle is protected against slurry splatter, utilising a spindle cover above the handwheel and bellows below